The Great American Novel

Gatsby or Augie?  Many litterati say its Augie Marsh; ask the masses its the Great Gatsby.  Its both.  An underdog choice and predecessor to these two comes from Thomas Wolfe.  The key factor is that the words, the characters, the stories in these novels rings so true that it evokes the feelings of lives lived and taps into the subconscious of human nature.  Each of these books does so by detailing one’s journey through a generation; Gatsby, the Jazz age, Augie the 20s; Look Homeward Angel, the reconstruction.  Each masterpiece details scenes and crafts characters in an impossible way that captures a feeling of family, true conflict, and personal growth.  That is why all of these deserve the designation of The Great American Novel.  As this country evolves its collective spirit shape shifts to reflect the times.  These great novels capture this spirit far better than journalistic accounts of events passed.  The difference is analogous to visiting a place and watching a documentary.  The difference is the human element.  A complete literary experience would include a defining book for each era.

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